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Spa Wellness

Workplace Wellness Spa 

You have all of the systems and processes in place.

Your policies should be framed - what next? 

How many workplaces do you know that have a pop-up spa offering hormonal balancing treatments?


Spa Wellness is for you when you have the rest covered. This is offered to organisations who truly excel. Staff are trained, procedures are in place and implemented, that feedback loop has never seen so much action.

Can you get better?

You can.

Bring the spa to the workplace.

Our pop-up spa sees Jennifer Young Hormonal Balancing Practitioners come to you to deliver our specialist body and face treatments.

Our protocols are based on the findings of research we have commissioned and are beyond compare.

If you employ touch practitioners who are qualified to an appropriate level, we can train them to deliver the Jennifer Young Treatments.

Imagine the response when you offer your team touch therapies in the workplace, and, even better, as part of that incredible experience, they identify the menopausal issues most significant to them and are given tools to manage those issues.

Organisations are very welcome to access this service no matter what their stage of maturity in managing menopause at work.

It works beautifully as a stand-alone or as part of a wider programme.

Evidence-based touch therapies 

Spa is one thing, evidence-based touch therapies are quite another. Allow the Jennifer Young team to devote an hour to identifying and improving the menopausal issues faced by key members of your team.

The treatment concludes with lifestyle and prescription cards, providing information on self-care.





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The Research

These touch treatments are informed by two distinct research projects. The first, a state-of-the-art scoping review, commissioned by Jennifer Young, identified complementary therapies proven to manage and reduce the symptoms of menopause.

The second, The Menopause Million, expanded and defined the symptoms of menopause. The clarity provided by this project, informs the consultation process and thus, the client. 



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The Practice

A team of Jennifer Young practitioners will offer spa treatments in your workplace.

We bring everything that we need, you provide a room.

We create an online booking service, managing appointments and communication. 

The 'client' receives a face or body treatment which has been tailored to their individual needs. 

They might get a goodie bag too, depending upon the option you have chosen.


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Workplace Wellness Spa

Unique to Jennifer Young 

Are you still wondering which programme is right for you and your organisation?


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