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Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

A qualification for leaders, at every level



Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

Duration 1 Day

Recommended for everyone who wants to be actively involved in improving the workplace. This is a course for decision makers and activists.


During this qualification learners will

  • gain a basic understanding of the causes and signs of stress
  • identify the signs of stress in others as well as ourselves
  • appreciate best practice in managing occupational wellness issues
  • focus on identifying causes and eliminating them
  • discover the benefit of daily communication within and between teams
  • gain the skills to be able to carry out a semi-quantified risk assessment
  • employ the methodology used to determine control measures
  • explain the tests employed to identify the appropriate steps to be taken to return risks to a reasonable level
  • demonstrate the ability to build a team to decide upon and make changes
  • quantify the benefit of their work in managing mental health in the workplace
  • utilise the skills needed to engage colleagues
  • list the benefits of recording risk assessments and outcomes


Assessment - Learners are assessed via verbal and/or written question and answers.

How does this help?

Inform I Motivate I Plan I Implement I Review  

This online qualification gives leaders everything they need to manage mental health in the workplace in the same way they manage other occupational challenges.



Mental Health is a personal matter and a workplace issue. This qualification gives leaders all of the information and tools they need to include mental health within existing structures.






We all need motivation, sometimes our motivation is to do the right thing for a person. On other occasions, we may need to do what is right for the business. 

In some happy coincidences, the best thing for the business is the same as that which is best for the person.

We look at the cost of losing experienced staff against the cost of managing mental health. The data is clear and very motivating.



Realistic planning, having identified clear objectives makes things happen.

Hatching a plan does not come naturally to everyone, it can be learned and, here, we teach.






We have knowledge and a plan. The implementation stage makes all we have planned happen, be that the workplace adjustments already identified, or lifestyle changes. We cover simple models used by leaders to make things happen.


Having set out our plan and our plan of action, we have a quick look to see if we have achieved all that we wished to achieve, if we did, have the actions had the desired effect? If we didn't do all as intended, no matter, we identify barriers, and replan, making sure they are barriers no more.

Our review will also consider the efficacy of the actions taken and will identify additional control measures,  should they be needed.

Make mental health normal

If you are familiar with change management and management systems, much of this is familiar ground.

Making management mental health specific is where the power lies.

You are going to change the world of work for some people, making it a happier place  and, possibly more importantly, your wonderful workforce will want to stay. You don't need us to tell you of the benefits of keeping your most experienced staff.  You just need a bit of help in making the worklplace meet their changing requirements.

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