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Menopause Awareness

Menopause Awareness

A qualification for anybody with a desire to learn more about menopause 


Diploma Menopause Awareness

Duration 0.5 Day

Recommended for everyone who wants, or needs, a high level overview of the issues faced during the menopausal years as well as the benefits of managing it within the workplace.

During this qualification, learners will

  • explore the stages of menopause and manage expectations as to experience
  • provide insight into the 12 symptom groups* associated with menopause and the 76 symptoms* within those groups, helping identify issues that may be part of a menopause experience
  • discuss the hormonal changes that trigger the symptoms
  • learn about the structured ways in which everyone can be involved in deciding upon and making workplace improvements
  • explore the evidence-based non-medical steps which can be employed to reduce the severity of some symptoms
  • gain an insight into the condition and the ways in which the workplace is managed to the benefit of those in their menopausal years.

*used with the kind permission of the Menopause Million – the largest study into menopausal symptoms and solutions ever undertaken.

Assessment – learners are assessed via verbal and/or written question and answers

How does this help?

Inform I Expore I Empathise I Support I Enable

The Jennifer Young Menopause Awareness qualification helps others to understand the impact of this life stage and the duties placed upon an organisation to look after anyone who has been affected by menopause.

Designed as an awareness qualification, it does not go into the same depth as our other qualifications. It is intended for managers and/or those experiencing menopause. 


Menopause is a personal matter and a workplace issue. This qualification helps colleagues to appreciate the challenges faced by others as they experience menopause.  

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Here we focus on menopause fact (not fiction) whilst covering the general duties of an employer with regard to the wellbeing of others.


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We don't know what we don't know and most people don't know much about menopause. 

This qualification helps everyone to understand the rationale behind your menopause project. 

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When your workforce becomes menopause aware, they are able to support colleagues. You will discover open and honest conversations are commonplace and that teams are empowered to find solutions. 


This brief course makes it ok for others to be treated differently. It enables open and honest communication, with all of the benefits that brings.

Start the menopause conversation

This may be unchartered territory for many. 

Menopause is personal and organisational. The closest many have come to a similar workplace issue is pregnancy. At least pregnancy has a clear beginning and end.

This qualification gives your team information but also the skills to use the information in the right way and at the right time.

In summary, this short course gives hard facts alongside soft skills. 

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