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Cancer Awareness in the Workplace

Cancer Awareness 

An accredited qualification for everyone who will benefit from a high level overview of the issues faced during diagnosis and treatment



Cancer Awareness 

Duration 0.5 day


Recommended for everyone who wants, or needs, a high level overview of the issues faced during a cancer  diagnosis and treatment as well as the benefits of managing it's imapact within the workplace.

During this qualification, we:

  • explore the definitions of cancer in order to manage expectations as to experience
  • provide insight into the 3 main treatments for cancer and the commonly associated side-effects 
  • discuss the ways in which  the workplace may be adapted to accomodate for these changes
  • explore the law requiring employers to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees
  • discuss the ways in which these duties can be discharged 
  • learn about the structured ways in which everyone can be involved in deciding upon and making workplace improvements
  • encourage and give strategies for continuous improvement

Assessment – learners are assessed via verbal and/or written question and answers

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