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Menopause Coaching (QUAL)

Menopause Coaching 

A qualification for those tasked with the day to day support of menopausal clients



Menopause Coaching

Duration 3 Days

Recommended for anyone tasked with the day to day support of menopausal colleagues.

During this qualification, learners will

  • list types of support and development
  • understand coaching
  • appreciate coaching competencies
  • list roles and responsibilities
  • understand the ways in which adults learn
  • compare and contrast coaching models
  • apply their knowledge to the workplace 

Assessment - Learners are assessed via live sessions with a tutor, the outcome of reflective exercises and question and answer as well as role play.

How does this help?

Inform I Analyse I Plan I Implement I Review  

This online qualification busts myths, offers facts, facilitates the interrogation of information to ensure validity, provides skills and options to reduce symptoms, allows the identification of symptoms and links them with cause, encourages planning, but most of all action, both personally and in the workplace. 


Menopause is a personal matter and a workplace issue. This qualification empowers individuals to make changes to their lifestyle, or to seek medical or professional help.  Further it educates colleagues regarding the steps that can, and in some cases, should, be taken to manage these issues in the workplace. 

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There are many menopause 'facts' some of those facts are underpinned by evidence and research and some are myth and rumour. It is important to be able to identify trusted sources - here we show you how. 


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How often have we been full of good intention to make a change and then, somehow, it doesn't happen? 

Realistic planning, having identified clear objectives makes things happen. Hatching a plan does not come naturally to everyone, it can be learned and, here, we teach.

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We have knowledge and a plan. The implementation stage makes all we have planned happen, be that the workplace adjustments already identified, or lifestyle changes. We cover simple models equally applicable to home and workplace.


Having set out our plan and our plan of action, we have a quick look to see if we have achieved all that we wished to achieve, if we did, did the actions have the desired effect? If we didn't do all as intended, no matter, we have a look at the things standing in our way, and replan, taking them into account.  

Our review will also consider the efficacy of the actions taken and take steps should they be needed.

Change your experience of menopause

If you are familiar with change management and management systems, much of this is familiar ground.

If you are not, you can only imagine the power of applying these processes, whilst armed with menopause wellness expertise, to one's personal and work life.

You are going to change your world and we are here to show you how. 

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